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Welcome to Fremantle health foods.

Chris started his journey in 2003 when he opened Fremantle health foods in South Fremantle.
He had an idea and his vision was taking shape.
Now in a new location Chris has been empowering the community with health advice and service.

The new the shop hosts a smoothie and juice bar as well as supplying quality Vitamins, herbs, minerals, sports supps, vegan protein, clean whey protein, Acai, Essential oils, Homoeopathy, tissue salts, skin care, Haircare, superfoods, amino acids.

With over 20 years’ experience in the health industry, Chris is a qualified Naturopath and herbalist and is a member of the Complementary medicine association. Come and see us for proven experience in natural health care.

Open 7 days a week there has never been a better time to get healthy.

Health is wealth, you’re worth it!


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Open 7 days a week there has never been a better time to get healthy.
Health is wealth, you’re worth it!

24/219 Hampton Rd, South Fremantle WA 6162
Phone: (08) 9336 6118
Hours: Open today · 9am–5:30pm




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